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2021 Season for Blue Makaira starts in mid-June.

Update 4th May - We approach the start of our season with an increasing confidence that we will once again be able to welcome our charter guests to Madeira to fish with us on Blue Makaira.

Madeira has taken a very sensible approach in opening its borders with clear guidelines on the requirements for entry with respect to Covid 19 safety, and now with the rest of Europe and the UK taking a more positive view to the safety of travel and tourism, overseas travel is looking a lot more hopeful.

We are expecting a great season with excellent catch reports on the migration path of the Blue Marlin, so a great time to take part in what might be a momentous Blue Marlin season.

For 2021 we have some great offers at the moment to extend your fishing with gratis days. Contact us at to enquire and book.

For latest Madeira tourism and entry requirements see

2019 Season. A great season for all the charter boats fishing in the waters of Madeira, with a very large number of good size Blue Marlin being caught. Blue Makaira for the third season running recorded the highest catch and release of Blue Marlin of all of the islands charter boats, going 42 for 86 on Blue Marlin, releasing 40 of which 34 were over 500 lbs with 15 of these over 700lbs and 7 being over 800lbs, with an average weight recorded of about 620lbs!



The Marina of Calheta

‘Blue Makaira’ is moored in the marina of Calheta. Calheta is a picturesque village located on the South west coast of Madeira, adjacent to some of the best fishing grounds that Madeira has to offer. Marlin are often caught within a few hundred meters of the Marina entrance, so not a moment is lost when leaving our mooring.


This beautiful location of Calheta is right next to the sea and has its own sandy beach, very unusual in Madeira but made possible curtsey of the sand that is imported from Morocco! Calheta and its beach is a picture postcard view framed by the majestic mountains behind.


Calheta is also one of the warmest of the regions in Madeira, but crucially shaded by the land mass of Madeira from the majority of winds, so making fishing possible when others would not be able to.


A number of very good hotels and pensions serve Calheta, nearly all within walking distance of the Marina and there are some lovely restaurants close by, serving excellent food which caters for all tastes.


Included within the marina are a number of restaurants, where great evening meals, breakfasts and lunches are served, and of course that beer to refresh you after a perfect days fishing, with time to catch up with the other fisherman as they share their stories.


In the village of Calheta is an old sugar cane factory, which is still active in spring. It has its own quaint tasting room where you can sample the local produce.


Calheta is a peaceful village that offers nearly everything, although, if you miss the hubbub of a busy city then Funchal the Capital of Madeira is not so far away by road.


The 25 waterfalls of Rabaçal
For family, and days away from fishing then the area surrounding Calheta offers a wide range of hiking trails, such as found in the nature reserve Rabaçal that is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Here you can experience pure nature, hike through the primeval laurel forest of Madeira and follow the levadas (watercourses) that provide wonderful level trails for hiking in the mountains (up to 1861m) and through the tremendous landscape. If you visit Rabaçal time must be taken to visit the 25 Fontes, the 25 waterfalls.


The plateau of Paul da Serra

Just a short drive away is the plateau Paul da Serra. The vegetation is sparse, but the view "above the clouds" and the valleys is simply fantastic.



Calheta and the local area have many things to offer, but maybe of them all there is one that should not be missed and that is the Whale and Dolphin watching. The Whales and the Dolphins come close to our shores and boat trips can be arranged so that you can see them in their own habitat.


Madeira’s Capital Funchal is located some 20 miles (30 minutes by road) to the east of Calheta, with the airport being some 35 miles away (45 minutes by road).

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