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2019 Season. Blue Makaira is currently undergoing her winter maintenance and will be back in the water in early May ready for our clients to start fishing from mid-May. If you have not booked then please email to secure your dates.

Madeira offered some great fishing over the 2017 & 2018 season with good catches of Blue Marlin. Blue Makaira’s average weight of Blue Marlin recorded at 570lbs for 2017 and just over 650lbs for 2018 so we are in high hope for a good 2019 season. With some 100kg+ Big Eye and Yellow Fin Tuna thrown into the variety of the catch it should be a productive year. Madeira also had a few Blue Fin Tuna for 2018, so we should hope for an increase in their number for 2019.

Blue Makaira recorded the highest catch of Blue Marlin of all of the islands charter boats for 2018 and 2017, and recorded a win of the 32nd Blue Marlin World Cup in 2016 with a fish of 983lbs (446kg).

All-Inclusive holidays

New for 2017. We are now able to offer our clients a package deal of fishing with accommodation and car hire at very advantageous rates.

Two packages are offered, the ’Fisherman’s package’, perfect for a group of friends who want to fish without the bother of booking local accommodation, and the ‘Fishers and family package’ perfect for those who want to fish and enjoy the company of their family when not on the water.

Details of these packages are as follows, if they interest you then please use our enquiry form or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for further information, or to book.

Fisherman’s package, Euro 4800.00, 4 persons maximum

Perfect for a group of anglers who want to minimise costs for their Big game fishing experience.

Price includes:

  • 4 days Big Game Fishing for up to 4 persons aboard Blue Makaira.
  • 7 days Accommodation in a 2 or 3 bedroom apartment.
  • Car rental for your stay, or if you prefer a return taxi to and from the airport.

Upgrade this package to 5 days fishing for Euro 5750.00


Fishers and family package, Euro 5050.00, 6 persons maximum, sharing 3 bedrooms

Perfect for a group of anglers who want to combine a fishing holiday with their family or partners.

Price includes:

  • 4 days Big Game Fishing for up to 4 persons aboard Blue Makaira.
  • 7 days Accommodation in a 3 bedroom apartment.
  • Two car rentals for your stay.

Upgrade This package to 5 days fishing for Euro 6000.00



The 2017 season is almost upon us, Blue Makaira will be fishing from mid May, to make your bookings contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by the booking form on this site

2016 was a very good season for Blue Makaira with many large Blue Marlin and other Big game fish being caught off the shores of Madeira, so the prospects for 2017 are good.

Over the winter Blue Makaira has been resting in Dry dock, having a number of minor modifications to improve our clients comfort and undergoing general maintenance, she will be in fine fettle for the 2017 season.

Sean Williams, from Alaska/Antigua, joins us again as wireman for the 2017 season, so the ‘winning team’ will remain unchanged from 2016.

The Blue Makaira team now enjoys the support of Rapala and Shimano, as a Rapala Prostaff member. It is very gratifying to know that such large companies take an interest in the great Big Game fishing that is to be enjoyed in the waters of Madeira.

Tight lines for 2017, lets ‘catch em up’.

What a 2016 season we have had!

We fished until the first day of November with our last Blue Marlin of 550+lb being caught on the 30th October, with a 900++lb fish being caught only a few days earlier. Next year we will probably try and fish into the first few weeks of November in the hope of catching a few more late season ‘Big ladies’.

October was a great month for us, and in spite of limited days at sea still managed 3 good Blue Marlin, and a number of Wahoo, I think the Wahoo fishing was set to be a bit of a boom year which was spoilt at the last moment by rains on the island which resulted in dirty water close to shore.

A season of many highlights with good numbers of Blue Marlin, a number over 900lbs, Big eye Tuna to 240lbs, Yellow fin Tuna to 220lbs, Dorado and Wahoo being caught.

Great moments though were first Blue Marlin for three of our clients Sandra Hailfinger, Andy Scott and John Sowerby. Winning the 2016 Atlantic Blue Marlin World Cup with a fish of 984lb, and a 2 for 2 day with Stacey Powers and Johnny Mack .

Blue Makaira is now laid up for the winter, but will return to Calheta for the 2017 season in early May.

Many thanks to all our 2016 clients, and to such a great crew Capt. Nuno, Wireman Sean Michael John Williams , Carlos Emanuel Pereira, Francisco Tanque and Chris Parkin.

Roll on Season 2017, booking inquiries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or by the booking form on this site

Blue Makaira had a very successful week.

Sandra Hailfinger released a very healthy Blue Marlin of some 600lbs. Sandra’s first Blue Marlin so a real red letter day.

Four Tuna were caught this week, 3 Bg Eye’s up to 220lb and one large Yellow fin of some 200lb which put up an excellent fight for one and a half hours on 80lb gear.

Also this week a few Wahoo have been caught, nice fish, but only around 25lbs. Fingers crossed that as we progress into October that bigger ones will come to our lures.

Blue Makaira will fish onto the end of October with hope that we will be successful with some more Blue Marlin, Tuna and Wahoo. You can follow our reports on our facebook page

A local competition over 2 days, great fun with Team Blue Makaira coming 2nd.

Andy Scott our angler for the weekend released his first Blue Marlin, a very large healthy lady of some 900lbs on the Saturday . On Sunday Andy released a very pretty Spearfish.

Well done Andy, Captain Nuno, Wireman Sean and everyone else on board.. ….Great Job J

Excellent week for our friends on board, Stacy and Johnny Mack.

On the first day Johnny Mack took to the chair twice, firstly releasing a fish of some 650lbs, followed a few hours later with a fish of 400lbs. Both fish released in great health to swim away in fine form.

Following days were a little quieter but success came to Stacy with a beautiful White Marlin that lit in a stunning electric blue, so bright that it could be seen swimming 50 meters from the boat. A beautiful fish.

A fantastic win on the 4th July with a fish weighed in of 983lbs (446kg) for Blue Makaira in the 32nd Blue Marlin World Cup. A really great day for Captain Nuno, Sean williams the wireman, Francisco Tanque and Mark Rideout who was in the chair on this occasion.

Madeira has now taken the cup for the last two years quite an achievement. With the cup being won in 2016, 2015, 1997, 1996 and 1995 with some very close calls in other years. The fish caught this year is the 4th largest fish caught in the tournament since inception.

Good opportunities exist at the moment to catch large fish from Calheta and in likelihood right up to the last few days of September.

Blue Makaira had success over the past week. A Big Eye Tuna of some 120kg being caught with Allan Myburg in the chair, and a 650lb Blue Marlin caught and released on the 25th June added to this a number of Dorado up to 8kg. Well done Captain Nuno and the crew. Fingers are now well crossed for Madeira having success on the 4th July when Mark Rideout will be in the chair of Blue Makaira.

Welcome to Sean Williams who arrived all the way from Antigua today to join the crew of Blue Makaira as our wireman.

Blue Makaira arrived in Lagos, Portugal late last week after her 1300 miles road trip. After a few days fettle by her Captain and crew she was returned to the water for the first time in 8 months after a substantial winter refit. Looking very good As soon as we have a decent weather window we will motor her across to Calheta (580nM) for the start of the season. Here’s wishing a safe passage and a great 2016 season.

On Monday, 25th April, Blue Makaira started her journey from Roscoff, France to Calheta, Madeira. First 1300 miles by road, maybe time for a bit of trolling for BMW’s! She should arrive in Lagos (Algarve) this Friday when she will be met by Captain Nuno and myself to be prepared for the sea journey of 550nM to Calheta Madeira, hopefully leaving Lagos on the 5th May. Bon Voyage.

Welcoming Sean Williams, who will join us for the 2016 season as the mate/wireman on Blue Makaira. Sean brings with him 20+ years experience.

Blue Makaira will travel the 500+nautical miles from Lagos (Portugal) to Calheta Madeira on the 5th May weather permitting. We will update our blog prior to departure, but then there will be ‘radio silence’ until we arrive in Calheta.

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